Dihydroquercetin in Sport Nutrition and Supplements

Sports Nutrition

Athletes that use dihydroquercetin show significantly increased oxygen utilization capacity (VO2 MAX) and maximum muscle work capacity. Dihydroquercetin does this by improving the cardiovascular capacities of athletes in two ways. First, it improves cardiac functioning and second it improves microcirculation.

Dihydroquercetin improves intra-cardiac hemodynamics and intensifies blood flow to the myocardium. It helps to return pathologic microcirculation to normal and optimizes blood flow. Additionally, dihydroquercetin contributes to the redistribution of blood flow within small arteries, thereby enhancing oxygenation in ischemia affected tissues.

By increasing microcirculation and erythrocyte elasticity dihydroquercetin enhances blood flow to muscles, enhances pulmonary mechanics and improves blood-gas exchange, therefore blood oxygenation.

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