Dihydroquercetin in the Meat Industry

Whether it is beef, pork, chicken or any other meat or meat product, shelf-life is always of great concern. This in combination with growing consumer preference for natural foods has precipitated the necessity for natural products which will increase the shelf-life of meat and meat products. The first concern for meats is lipid peroxidation, as meat has not only fat content, but myoglobin, which due to the presence of iron accelerates the lipid peroxidation.

Meat Industry

Dihydroquercetin is the ideal additive to prolong the shelf-life of meat and meat products. Not only is it the strongest natural antioxidant known, but it also chelates metal ions, thereby breaking the oxidation chain reaction in meat by scavenging developing free radicals, and preventing the iron in the myoglobin within muscle fibers from further contributing to the oxidation cascade.

The addition of dihydroquercetin to meat and half-finished products (ground meat, sausages, cold cuts, or lard) results in the extension of product shelf-life by 1.5 to 4.0 times. This is exceptionally important for a product with such a short shelf-life. Naturally, the increased shelf-life brings with it an increase the freshness of meat and meat products, as well as an increase in their nutritional value and quality. Not to mention savings for producers as well as retailers. This effect of dihydroquercetin is also seen with frozen meat products.


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