Cosmetic Applications of Larch Arabinogalactan + 20% Dihydroquercetin

Larch arabinogalactan is used as an adjuvant in the production of creams for skin care, shampoos, and lotions, amongst others. The moisture retentive properties of larch arabinogalactan decrease the loss of water from the skin in dry climatic conditions, therefore keeping in skin moisture and improving the skin nutrition and decreasing the signs of exfoliation.  Inorganic pigments and sunscreens in combination with larch arabinogalactan exhibit faster particle dispersion, better suspension, greater loading capacity, forms more uniform dispersions and contributes to higher SPF ratings in formulations containing sunscreens with inorganic active ingredients.

Cosmetics Applications
The addition of larch arabinogalactan to a wide variety of emulsion formulations improves the consistency, uniformity of particle dispersion, and stability of cosmetics products.  The use of larch arabinogalactan in the solid phase of medical cosmetics promotes the deep penetration of bioactive ingredients into the skin and increases their blotting capacity.  One study showed a 19% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles when an oil-in-water emulsion of 5% larch arabinogalactan was used for 8 weeks.

The skin is exposed to a multitude of oxidative stresses which when combined with age related moisture loss are the two most important factors in the visible effects of the aging of the skin.  The addition of our larch arabinogalactan to cosmetics formulations is especially significant as it is fortified with 20% dihydroquercetin, making it practically the ideal product for a cosmetic application. First, it has all of the properties of larch arabinogalactan (such as inhibiting dehydration and increasing skin moisture. Second, has the product stabilizing properties of the strongest known natural antioxidant.  Third, as the strongest known natural antioxidant, it prevents oxidative stress on the skin.  Fourth, by chelation it prevents heavy metal toxicity.  Last but not least, it stabilizes and recycles vitamin C, which aids in the production of collagen, which is the main goal of most cosmetic skin products. 


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